Monday, June 30, 2008

Archer a Little Old to be Reading Comics?

One more con sketch from Heroes Con.

Guys with bows and arrows have always been a challenge for me to draw. That said, this is probably my favorite attempt to date. Plus, extra cool points for it being Hawkeye in his old costume. Thanks to Shannon for sending along this image so I could post it!

Thanks also for sending me this photo of myself with Laura Samnee (rhymes with Omni) and Chris Samnee (don't call me SAM-knee). I'm the one in the middle, as is appropriate as I tend to like to be the center of attention. Why do are the Samnees smiling so big? I'll answer that with another question: Where are my hands?

If you want to make me jealous go ahead and pop over to Chris' blog to see a bunch of amazing drawings he did for the show.

1 comment:

Shane White said...

Ah the Samnee's who I think are collectively the nicest couple I've met at a convention.

And then there's you bringing down the scene. :)