Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Attack in Black

I think these are the last of the Heroes commissions that have been sent my way (I really need to start taking a camera to the show). Above is the first of two Punishers I did at the show which in turn inspired a conversation of how cool Mike Zeck is. I really like his sequential art but it was his covers in the 80s that hold a special place in my heart: G.I. JOE, PUNISHER, CAPTAIN AMERICA, etc.
Black Adam is always awesome to draw. It's a simple, yet genius, costume design and the only way to do him right is to give the man his sash. It's all about the sash. I'd wear one if I thought I could pull it off.


Anonymous said...

Black Adam's sash is super sweet. I'm a big fan of Ms Marvel's sash myself. And between the Hawkeye below and the Green Arrow you did for me, i think your archers are just fine.

Shawn Crystal said...

Damn Hurt, you just KICK ASS!

Shane White said...'re Punisher is as powerful as Zecks ever was.



Michael Cho said...

man, your stuff just keeps getting better and better.