Thursday, June 05, 2008


More cartoony stuff from the ol' sketch pile. Looking for something to doodle, I decided to revisit characters I've already done in comics except to imagine them in my more cartoony style. The above are obviously characters from the "Damnedverse". I'm especially fond of the Verlochin in the bottom right corner.
Below are drawings of characters from Three Strikes(Oni Press), Skinwalker(Oni), and Hard Time (DC). Most of the characters are from Hard Time. As I got into drawing them I was reminded how much of an ensemble book that really was. There are several characters I didn't even get around to drawing.
Also, that guy at the bottom center of the page is supposed to be young Crocker from Queen & Country: Declassified.


ron said...

Oh, I should have told you how much I like these cartoon-like sketches the other night instead of making dumb jokes. Really nice work. I can see the European influence you were talking about in these–pinhole eyes, the facial expressions. I like this a lot.

Anonymous said...

I like these "remixes" of Damned characters--reminds me of Paul Grist's work--very cool!