Monday, June 16, 2008

The Rise of the Euro

I thought I'd already posted some of these images before but a quick look through my archive seems to tell me the opposite. If nothing else I may have posted a link to my friend Matt Kindt's blog. These were some sketches and watercolors (supplied by Matt) that we whipped up while sitting at a Starbucks (we were supposed to be working). He and I have both been inspired of late by European cartoonists such as Christophe Blain, Blutch, Joann Sfar, and Gipi. There is such an energy to there work and in many cases what seems to be a stream of consciousness approach to their storytelling. It's really invigorating and it encourages me to relax and loosen up (something I've been dying to do for years). I could see where this work here might not appeal to some people's aesthetics but it's a joy for me to work like this.

This above page was done as a way of showing Matt what I thought sequential in this style would look like. I have no idea what's going on here, I wrote it panel to panel, but I like the final product. I'm most fond of that final panel.


Anonymous said...

Uhh, glorious! Didn't understand the panels either.-hrh

Anonymous said...

It may not make sense, but I can already tell it has moxy. Beautiful stuff, and that last panel is killer.

Chris Schweizer said...

I saw these before, from Matt's blog, and they haven't lost any of their potency. I'm more excited about your stuff than ever.

brian hurtt said...

Thanks for the encouragement guys! Hopefully I can post some more work in this vein in the near future!

j. said...

Putting those three items together would make for a brilliant story...also brilliant is the art you and Matt are making together.

Seriously love it!

your fan,