Thursday, September 20, 2007

Seems Like Just Yesterday

This recent commission took me back to my roots. Queen & Country: Operation Morningstar was my first real comics work. And it shows. I would post some of those early pages for comparison but they would be cringe-inducing for me. For this drawing I was asked to revisit the main characters of the book (at that time)--Paul Crocker and his Minders. It was nice to get a chance to redraw these characters--especially Wallace and Kittering (right and left, respectively). I'll always have a fondness in my heart for this book--having done two tours of duty with it. It's a great graphic novel series and I also highly recommend the prose novels.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

WWC Drawings Pt. 5

Another commission from the Chicago show that showed up in my Inbox this morning (thanks, Josh!). I was nervous about this one as I was doing it but it ended up turning out pretty good. I think. Josh was kind enough to let me draw him in his 70's get-up. I'm a big fan of some of the 70's costumes and Iron Man and Power Fist were both the epitome of that style. It only made sense that they'd eventually team up.
If you haven't already been checking out Chris Samnee's blog (Samnee rhymes with Omni)--then you should do yourself a favor and head over there. He has posted a bunch of his sketches from Chicago and there are a lot of "beauts" in there. My faves being Harlequin, the Thing, and Ronin Wolverine. In that order.