Thursday, June 26, 2008

Night Clubbin'

Another sketch from last weekend's Heroes Con show in Charlotte!
Anytime I get to draw a character from the Bat-verse I'm a happy fella--so, needless to say, I was doubly happy to do this Nightwing and Huntress piece. Thanks to Erica for sending this along!
Hope you all enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Those poses are sweet, dog. Nice work.


erica said...

Hi Brian:
Happy 4th!

Thanks for my awesome Nightwing and Huntress sketch!

It was wonderful getting to meet and chat with you. Thanks for being so inviting and sincere.

Hope to see you soon!

Best wishes,


Caine said...

A cool alternative to the traditional dynamic duo. Nice! P.S. By the way, everything I see the title of you blog I think of Sly Stalone in Demolition man...