Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mid-Ohio Sketches

Last weekend I attended the Mid-Ohio Con in Columbus, Ohio. It was my first time attending this show and I have to say, I'm sold. I usually enjoy these mid-sized shows the most. They're a little more intimate and relaxed. It's much easier for fans and pros alike to interact with one another. Of course, none of that kept me any less busy. I was doing sketches from open to close each day which was a lot of fun but wore me out.

One of the great things about this particular show was the location. It was downtown Columbus with several resturaunts in walking distance. Not that I would know--I spent the whole weekend in the hotel adjoining the convention center. The proximity of my room to the show fllor was heaven. Three floors down and across a large lobby and there I was. Never had it so good at a show.

Only thing I'll do different next year is to make sure I bring someone with me. It was a little difficult to man the table, talk to people, and do sketches all by my lonesome.

If anyone else reading this has sketches I did last weekend I'd love scans of them.

I like all the sketches I did at the show but I have to apologize to everyone else when I say that this Mouse Guard sketch was my favorite. It has me dying to watch The Secret of NIMH again--one of my chidhood favorites!