Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Storm Warning for Charlotte, NC

Just got back from Charlotte early Monday morning (we drove the 12 hours straight through the night). Just now getting my drawing legs back. Had a great time--got to see old friends and make some new ones and I still had time to do a handful of convention sketches. The above sketch is the first one I did at last weekends show. I've joked with other creators that we should offer a discount for the first sketch of a show as it is usually not very good because we haven't gotten warmed up yet. This drawing is an exception to the rule, I think. I was really happy with the way it turned out. It also sparked lots of discussions about what the Golden Age of the X-Men was for people. I think we all agreed that it was the first couple years that you read the book and for me it started at issue 201 (which coincidentally featured Mohawk Storm on the cover battling Cyclops for leadership of the X-Men). That first year of reading for me had some X-Men losing their powers or injured, they were on the run, the Mutant Massacre happened, Nimrod showed up and Wolverine battled the Reavers in Central Park (the classic Barry Windsor Smith issue).
Anyway, this sketch kicked off the show on the right foot and I'm thankful to Andy for sending it along for me to post. Hope you all enjoy!


Anonymous said...

love the way it turned out, brian! very glad you felt the same way. had a blast at the show, and always happy to add another piece of your artwork to my collection.

-andy v.

JohnPopa said...

Hey Brian

I started reading X-Men with #195 so I was six months in when you joined in. Classic stuff and so much of my comic nostalgia is for that era! I also loved when Mystique got the Brotherhood recognized as government agents -- man that put the team in a pickle!

Great sketch!

ron said...


I was just having a conversation with the students I work with about the X-men the other day. I was trying to convince them that the punk rock powerless Storm was the best Storm ever and possibly the best X-man as well. They weren't having it, but they're only 22 and don't really know any better. ( I was also always really in love with the Storm/Forge cover and comic drawn by Barry Windsor-Smith. #186.)Anyway, nice sketch. Callisto should worry.
See you Thursday?