Thursday, December 29, 2005

Snow Camels and Frog Pirates

In my last post I said I'd post more of these drawings that revolve around this "all ages" story of mine. The following two pages were cobbled together sketches that I had put into a last minute con sketchbook to take with me to Chicago last summer.
Do be sure to click on the image so you can see it a little better.
The title of the post indicates two of my more favorite sketches/ideas on these two pages. I love the idea of a snow white camel trudging across an arctic landscape with it's breath steaming up (upper left corner). A friend suggested that it have hot chocolate in it's hump instead of water. I'd had the same idea but, unfortunately, I think it's too unrealistic for this world I'm building. Frog pirates, on the other hand, make perfect sense. The frog pirate seems to be a favorite of a lot of people. He's part of a larger crew of enchanted pirates that also include a gerbil and a mouse. It all makes perfect sense in the story, of course. I had imagined the gorilla walking the halls of a castle, possibly as a guard. Then, I was recently at the comic store looking at Tintin books when I ran across the same image. I think it was in The Black Island--curses on you Herge! Whenever I think of this story I imagine it being presented in the classic European album style like the Tintin or Asterix books, for example. Ah, to dream...
You can be sure to see more of this style from me in the future. Of course, until I can find someone willing to pay me to draw like this you'll just have to keep coming back here to see it.


craig-d-taylor said...

Howdy Brian

Love that color piece! Sounds like an interesting project. I am enjoying your work on Hard Time and thought I'd drop by and say 'hello'.

cheers, craig

j. said...

Hey Talent!
Love the sketch page and the tree house. In fact, I LOVE the treehouse drawing.

So I had a dream the other night that you were going to be the penciller on a new Batwoman book!
I know it was just a dream but if you need an inker I could be available...


brian hurtt said...

Craig--thanks for stopping by and I'm glad to see that you can get Hard Time outside the continental U.S.(seeing as it's hard enough to come by in my home town).
cheers back at ya'!

brian hurtt said...

Long time no talk! Glad you could stop by. Did my announcement for this blog get to your email or did you find out through ADC? Do I have your current email?
Found your blog through your profile hear. I'm glad to see you're posting--keep it up! I loved your Dini wedding invite.

ModHip said...

Hey,Brian just found you blog via the Oni Buzz Blog. I love your ages project that you are creating. Please keep it up!!

I am a big time French BD fan and have amased quite a collection of them over the years. When I viewed the pages of the characters and settings, I though you are a Euro artist. Very good work!!

I love you inking style, hope to see this book come out in B&W. If you have to color it, love to see it in a Herge and/or Daniel Tores "RoccoVargas" ClearLine Flat Color style.




I have your 3Strikes book and liked it a lot & IJust picked up the fist HardTime TBP for $3.00!!

Michael Cho said...

Hey Brian,
Just surfed here via a link from J. Bone's website and saw your fantastic artwork. What can I say? Your work is awesome and has the touch of greatness. I love the 2 pages of character designs - elegant and confident. Also love the brushwork and the confidence and directness of your black-spotting. Just classic stuff, dude.