Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hot Damn, Here I Am!

It's finally here! This Wednesday Hard Time: Season Two #1 hits the shelf. I received my complimentary copies in the mail today and they look great! It felt so good to hold something I'd worked on in my hands again--it'd been too long. Although I've been staying busy working on this series (I'm currently working on ish #6), without something tangible to hold onto I've felt disconnected from the industry. The last issue of Hard Time came out in January of this year--I hope everybody who was with us at the end of Season One still remembers the book and returns (bring a friend!).
Need to catch up? Pick up the Hard TIme: 50 To Life trade paperback!


j. said...

Hey, B.Hurtt! Nice of you to join the crowd! You are the Superstar that we've all been waiting for!

Jason A. Hurley said...

I love Hard Time, it's an excellent book.

BTW Hurttlocker, that's damn funny


hey great cover! really enjoyed your gritty realism on this series.

Christine Norrie said...

are you the boy in that comic? cos your photo is all fiery blue too.