Friday, December 16, 2005

Pen Sketch

Below is just a random sketch I did last night to unwind.

It's been a real bummer of a week for me. A couple days before Halloween I had woke up with a stress fracture in my foot. It was intensely painful and just as intensely annoying. I had to move in with my folks for a couple weeks because living alone in a third floor walk-up and driving a manual transmission are not compatible with getting around on crutches. Simple things like carrying a coffee or a plate of food from the kitchen become impossible. Anyway, several weeks later and I was doing much, much better. I was walking and driving and driving again with no other aid than a slip-on brace for my foot. Then, deja vu, I woke up Wednesday morning in intense pain. It seems I've refractured my foot while sleeping again. Cruel, cruel world.
Just wanted to vent a bit...and maybe elicit some sympathy. I love sympathy.


Anonymous said...


(Illicit sympathy would be forbidden by law. But I don't care what society's narrow-minded rules say -- I feel sympathy for you and I don't care who knows it!)

L0N said...

Ugh! Hope it heals fast. Have a happy holiday season.

brian hurtt said...

Illicit! Argh. There was a little bell that went off in the back of my mind when I typed that word but I ignored it. That'll learn me. Thanks for pointing it out and thank God for the edit feature.

Anonymous said...

Walk it off!

Jack Miller said...

Hope you get well, soon. Brian!

Chip said...

Well I had a friend who last month got hit by a train and it severed his there is always a bright side.