Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ape in the Air

This recent commission called on me to do a version of the classic Hawkman cover where he battles a winged ape (see the original below). Winged characters now join my list of most challenging super-heroes to draw (along with archers and speedsters)--the images are hard to compose because you have to make room for those big 'ol wings! But don't think that that means I didn't enjoy doing this piece! I'm always up for a challenge!
Hope you all like it!


dicecipher said...

Thats great interpretation of an great cover. Though your winged gorilla looks much fiercer.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the fiercer gorilla. Geometric incongruity: On the orig cover the chain length is much too long (by almost 1/2) to swing the ball and hit the gorilla. Your chain length is about right. Artists need to pay attn to congruity. there such a thing as "artistic license?" And, wow,12 cents? March of what year? 1947?

Shane said...

Not only did you pull off this unique artwork without any problems, you also proved that my choice of characters are relatively normal! Great job!