Monday, June 29, 2009

More Heroes...and Villains!

Here are three more images from Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC!
Thing VS Terrax (I used the classic Byrne run as my reference), Hawksmoor (from Stormwatch/Authority), and Zorro! I gotta believe you can't go wrong asking an artist to do a drawing of Zorro. All were a lot of fun to do.

If anyone out there has any drawings I did at the show and
you haven't sent them to me I'd love to get a scan or a photo and post it here!


Anonymous said...

thanks again for the jack hawksmoor sketch, brian! i love the pose, and the buildings. really captures the character. also, that zorro sketch is *really* cool!

-andy v.

laura said...

The scan doesn't do justice to your Thing vs. Terrax piece which turned out beautifully! It was a lot of fun watching you work on that one!