Thursday, June 11, 2009

Heroes Sketch Pre-Order

I will be attending the Heroes Convention in Charlotte next weekend and
I'm taking a handful of con sketch pre-orders. Anyone interested in ordering a sketch
prior to the show can contact me at :
(I may not be able to get back to you until late Sunday/early Monday
as I will be out of touch this weekend)

The sketches will run $50. I will also be doing these at the show of course but there they are first come, first serve, on a day to day basis. If the history is any measure I tend to stay pretty busy at this show.
Heroes is a great show all 'round and I recommend it to everyone!


Shane said...

I really dig the Booster Gold, very cool!

I will be lookuing to hit you up for a sketch of the Winter Soldier in my Captain America/ SHIELD book. Look forward to seeing you there!

erica said...

Do you have a table for Heroes? I noticed your names not on the guest list yet!


brian hurtt said...

Yeah, I noticed I wasn't on the list last week and contacted the show. They assure me I still have a table and also told me that I they would put my name back on the list. It's still not there...oh well. My friend Cullen Bunn, who is sitting at my table with me, is assigned to table #326. So I'm guessing that is where you will find me.
See you this weekend!

erica said...

That's what I was looking for, your table #. Got it. Wrote it down. Thanks!! See you there!

Russ said...

Loved the two pieces you did for me and my pal, Brian (Old West Ghost Rider and Jenny Sparks)! I'll try to get them scanned later this week and email you a copy.