Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Heroes Return

Well, another Heroes Con has come and gone and I'm a little sadder for it.
Now I have to wait a whole year to return to what I consider to be the best convention out there. Got to see a lot of familiar faces and meet some great new people.
Here are a couple of pre-order drawings I did before heading to Charlotte.
Hope you like them!
I have several more images to post and I'll try to get them up soon.
Right now my internet is down (burned up modem, I think) and I'm posting this
from the local cafe's unreliable network. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

i was lucky enough to see both of these in person before the owner bought them, and they really looked fantastic! nice work, brian!

-andy v.

Unknown said...

i love the Jenny Sparks piece, i think that might be next piece I order from you in the future.

sdunham818 said...

The sketch of Jenny is freakin awesome...Nice work

brian hurtt said...

Thanks for the kind words! The Jenny Sparks is one of my favorite "con sketches" that I've done. I was a little surprised how well it turned out!