Friday, June 26, 2009

More from Heroes

Two more from the Heroes pre-order list.
I was really pumped when I got the Snake Plissken commission because it gave me an excuse to sit down and rewatch Escape From New York. Y'know, for research. I mean, it had been almost 6 months since I last watched it. Apparently I'm not the only Snake fan--this sketch sat in the protfolio through most of the show and almost everyone who came by commented on that. I'm definitely going to have to do more drawings of Snake.
And, of course, the image below is of the iconic, bad-girl, British super spy: Tara Chace. A character I always love returning to.

(my internet connection seems to be working fine so,
fingers crossed, I'll get some more posts up real soon!)


Jason Folkes said...

It was awesome to meet you at of my proudest moments at the con was when my girlfriend called my attention to the Snake sketch!when we first started dating she had no idea who snake was????? i thought she had been raised on the moon!
Awesome snake sketch. Loved "the Damned" book(it is a true piece of art).

Anonymous said...

our friend carl *loved* the snake plisken sketch. watching the movie before doing the sketch must have been truly inspirational, because he really noticed all the cool little character details you added!

-andy v.

JC said...

Amazing Tara Chace! Queen and Country is one of the greatest tales--we need more!