Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This Would Look Nice In My Garden...

Just an image I had in my head while I was driving around yesterday thinking of story ideas. Can't really tell you what I have in mind here--it's all still very unformed. Also, I wasn't trying to ape Mignola on that gargoyle above--it just came out that way. He kinda has the market cornered as far as statuary goes doesn't he?
Yesterday I saw the trailer for the movie Silent Hill. I loved it! I also have to say that I have never felt so strongly that something had leaped right out of my brain onto a movie screen. There were several images that could've come directly from my sketchbook. Kudos to whoever the director is and the art department. I've never played the video game before--I'll have to check it out one of these days.

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Jack Miller said...

Hey, Brian, you could do a lot worse than aping Mignola for something like this, but I think anyone who's a fan knows you've got the chops to do your own thing. It looks great, anyway.

You've got to stop talking about all these projects you want to do--it just makes me want to read them, and you haven't drawn 'em, yet :)

Keep up the good work!