Saturday, February 04, 2006

Imaginary People Watching

This is just a page I was sketching on today while at the local coffee establishment. Wasn't feeling particularly inspired and it shows. Unfortunately, I was trying to be inspired and that is something that is very hard to orchestrate. Usually, a mocha, a comfy chair, and a sketchbook are a winning combo for me but not today. Probably should've put on my headphones.

When I'm trying to brainstorm and develop new ideas I usually just start with a page like this. I'll just begin drawing faces until they start to "speak" to me (not literally). It's like people watching--you'll see an interesting person and you can't help but imagine their life and their story. After I come across a interesting character on my page I'll begin to extrapolate environments and worlds and so on from there. If it's a good idea it'll just snowball from there. A lot of the time I'll hit a dead end and then run across the notes months later and be able to come at it again with a fresh point of view. Some of my favorite ideas have developed that way.

I'll give the coffee shop another shot in the next week and post any sketches I do here.

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