Monday, February 13, 2006

New Sketchbook

I just bought a new sketchbook yesterday and I'm starting to break it in. The previous post is a colored version of a sketch from the first page. This is the second page of the sketchbook. I'm just starting to flesh out a world and a skeleton of an idea for a story--that's what you're seeing here and in this previous post. It may not seem like much but when I draw and think about story it creates a sense memory for me so that every time I look at said drawing it conjures back the ideas I had while creating it. Does that make sense? I've had other artists tell me similar things before.
An extension of that is when I can sometimes remember which song, news story, or phone conversation I may have been having when I drew a particular page or panel. The mind's a funny thing.

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Michael Cho said...

damn fine sketches -- now I'm interested in what kind of story you've got in mind! Nice mood-- are you using the grey PITT pens here? This one and the previous post are just loaded with a kind of day of the dead atmosphere...

As always, inspiring stuff!