Friday, September 24, 2010

The Wonderer

These Marvel sketch covers have been popping up a lot lately--I've done a few in the last couple of months and they've all been a blast to do!  This one was especially fun because it's a breath of fresh air to do a comic character who isn't all grim and determined looking.  I really dug Wonder Man as a kid but I came to him after this "safari jacket" phase--I was reading him in West Coast Avengers and his mini-series.  That said, I always loved this costume and was more than happy to do this version of him (note: I will always prefer to draw the 70's version of any Marvel character).


JC said...

This is Wonder-ful indeed, and much appreciated! Given your last comment about 70's versions, have you tried your hand at the 70's version Beast (Avengers), which to me is the standard Beast? I would love to see you try him--that version seems to be tough to accomplish well.

Anton said...

I dig it man

Brian said...

Just finished issue 4 of the Sixth Gun. Not only the best issue yet of the series, but one of the best comics I've read all year.

Keep up the great work.