Monday, September 13, 2010

Crooked Hills!

Just in time for Halloween, October sees the release of Crooked Hills, a novel for middle readers (and those of us who never quite grow up) from my frequent collaborator Cullen Bunn. It's a wonderful and perfectly spooky book that hit that sweet spot creepiness and fun where Cullen and I find our common ground. I liked the book so much that I petitioned to be the cover artist (and if everything goes to plan, a few interior illos as well). Here is the finished piece (which I'm awfully fond of) as well as the original line art and initial sketch.

Read Evileye Books official announcement of the upcoming
novel here and keep an eye out for it this fall!


Anton said...

I have been waiting for more news on this, I love the cover, it just finds that sweet spot between creepy and pulpy adventure. Its going to rock man.

erica said...

Love the cover, Brian. I especially love the coloring. Alex and I will check this out!