Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NYCC Announcement

There has been a change in my schedule--unfortunately, I will NOT be attending the New York Comic Con this year.  The timing of the show conflicted with some looming deadlines.  The cost of the show conflicted with my wallet.
I hope to be there next year!


Anton said...

Awww, Ill miss you man.

Fred said...

Man, I'll miss meeting up with you again. Hope that your summer is winding up well and look forward to eventually connecting with you face-to-face.... I mean, you can't avaoid me forever, right? :)

brian hurtt said...

I can try, Fred! ;)

Mathieu Doublet said...


You should raise a kickstart project to raise funds for the flight. ;)

Well if it's for great comics, I suppose I can bear the fact that you won't be there.