Monday, August 23, 2010


Happy Monday all! Hope you had a great weekend!
I'm going to start off the week with a couple images sent my way by folks who picked up
commissions from me at HeroesCon, yea, all those months ago.

More tomorrow! I promise.


Anton said...

rock on man, I dig them.

JC said...

So, so, so good to see you again--we know you have a life to live, so your making the time to share your amazing works and story-telling ability with us. And it makes me anxious for Chicago next year, and a possible opening on your list...

erica said...

I can't believe I'm this far behind on your blog. I had no idea you posted the Wolverine/X-23 piece.

I'm always thankful to be able to get sketches from you and to chat a bit with you. It was wonderful as always to see you at Heroes Con.