Thursday, August 26, 2010

Monster VS Alien

On the left, as most of you will recognize, is the Predator. Very famous. Instantly recognizable. On the right, however, is someone perhaps not as well known. And, no, that's not Robocop (you weren't the first one to ask). It's Jugger Grimrod--resident bad-ass in a group of bad-asses from the early 80's Marvel/Epic comic Alien Legion (and not, as some of my friends misunderstood, the movie/TV show Alien Nation. Though, that too, would have made for a pretty cool commission). Anyway, this is why I love doing commissions! I'm constantly surprised by the things I'm asked to draw and that's what keeps it so interesting!
That's why it's kind of sad for me to say that I am taking a bit of a hiatus from doing commission work. These past few months have been insanely busy and look to be so for the next several months. I'm still trying to wrap up a couple old commissions from some very, very patient folks. It will probably be after the New Year before I start taking on any new commissions. As soon as I open the list again I will be sure to post it here.


Anton said...

Great looking as always man, good luck with the stuff you are working on, I have only ever seen good things from you man. I look forward to seeing what is coming next.

Anonymous said...

this is awesome, is this on sale?

erica said...

This piece is insane!!