Sunday, November 09, 2008

Worst Halloween Ever

I hesitate to even put these images up on the blog. Although I really liked the above piece, my scanner really sucks at scanning color. Anyway, this was done the other night while hanging out with friends. I've been wanting to play with watercolors for a while so I thought I'd do a little practice sketch.
The below image is just the same watercolored image only with the foreground characters colored a little more flat in Photoshop. I was going for a kind of cel animation style--something I've been wanting to try for a while.
So, while not an overwhelming success, I did have a lot of fun with this piece and I intend to do some more pieces like it in the near future.

As always, click on images to big 'em up.


Anton said...

I really like the top image. It has a depth to it that really fits the subject matter.

Dan C said...

I really like the work you've done for Oni Press, but this all-ages style is really sharp, too.

Great drawing. Those watercolors add a nice touch.

Cheryle said...

I really like this one. You should do more of these for sure.

Doctor Fantastic said...

I love to see you experimenting with the watercolors, Brian! The piece above has some real emotional punch, despite (or perhaps due to!) its all-ages style.