Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Not the first time I've drawn Captain Marvel and it won't be the last. The "Big Red Cheese" is just such a fun character to work with. Not sure exactly what it is.
Perhaps it's the comically short towel he keeps tied around his neck.

I know that in a recent comment section I'd asked for suggestions of characters you folks would like to see me take a crack at. Fear not, suggestions were noted and I do plan to do several of them. It'll probably be until after the holidays before I get any of those posted--I have a couple other posts already in the queue. Stay tuned!


Michael Cho said...

Love the drawing, but more than that, I just really dig your lettering :)

Dan C said...

Great, great, great drawing. That there's one cool big red cheese.
(Nice colors, shading, lettering, composition and all that other stuff, too.)

This deserves a big Gomer Pyle "SHUH-ZAYUM" audio file to go along with it. THAT's how cool it is.

Anton said...

I absolutly love Cap. Marvel, it helps I walk with a crutch and look like Freddy Freeman, but with you style this image is AMAZING!!

Random story time..

When I moved away from home to go to art school my mother was worried I would become some kind of dirty hobo creature living off coffee and pop tarts, so she took me to the mall to buy wash cloths and towels and such. Needles to say I found a set of white hand towels with gold trim, when I combined the gold cord I had taken off a set of drapes someone had thrown out, I was cap marvel every time I muttered the magic words "Beer Pong".

Anonymous said...

this drawing is really just great fun! if they didn't already have an all ages shazam book coming out, i'd think they should give you one. hell, they should probably put out a second one, just to put you on the book!

-andy v.

Anonymous said...

Bri...as a Captain Marvel "afficionado" from the early years I say that all the comments prior to mine were right on. Just really a great rendering! My only quibble is that the word is spelled as SHAZAM! (all caps with an explanation mark--all boldface and large)--hrh

brian hurtt said...

I know, I know...SHAZAM! I was underplaying it for (comic?) effect. Glad you liked the drawing though...dad. :)