Wednesday, November 12, 2008

World's Finest or I Make This Cape Work

As promised, some World's Finest (and friends) drawings from my sketchbook. I had a blast doing these--in fact, it's the only time I've ever enjoyed drawing Superman (a character I normally find pretty boring). I would love to see a World's Finest that takes place in the 30's or 40's. Would anyone out there know if DC has already done this?
Hope you all enjoy these!


Anonymous said...

really love these, brian. especially the superman, which reminds me of the old fleischer serials. i also love that alan scott sketch hiding in there!

-andy v.

Anton said...

oh gods the GL is fucking amazing!!!!

brian hurtt said...

Fleischer's Superman is obviously my biggest influence here--I love those cartoons!
Seeing as there are two comments already about the tiny Green Lantern hidden in there I think I'm gonna take a crack at doing another sketch (something I was already thinking about doing). Stay tuned.

ron said...

Be sure to give him a big, blousey pirate shirt.