Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Third Quarter Posting

It's about time I posted something new up here--it's actually well past time I did so. It's not that I haven't been staying busy, I just haven't had anything I could share with you all. I am in the early stages of a project that has yet to be announced so although it's taking up all my work time I have nothing to share yet. The rest of my time has been spent doodling and making notes in my sketchbooks about future projects (i.e. daydreaming). These pages tend to be indecipherable pencil sketches, spotty dialogue, and random notes. Nothing that I wouldn't be embarrassed to share in public. These images here are some exceptions where I actually finish the sketches in pen. Hope you like them.
I'm currently sitting on a few days worth of posts so stay tuned.


Gabe said...

These sketches are pretty sweet.
They have a Toth feel tot hem.

Fred said...

David Arquette is... the Dark Phoenix Arrow!!! ;)

Alan said...

Glad to see you back; been coming over from Chris samnee's site for ages. And those sketches are Herge-tastic

brian hurtt said...

Gabe and Alan-
Comparisons to Toth and Herge for images in the same post has made my day. I have a long, long way to go before I could come close to being in those gentleman's league. I am happy that you both could see the influence that those artists have had on me--they're definitely in my top 10.

Your comment was absurd. And oddly, right on target. I see exactly what you mean! :)

Anonymous said...

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