Monday, October 27, 2008

Stompin' Some Nazis

Here's a recent commission that was a lot of fun to do. This is such a perfect duo it makes me wonder why Dark Horse hasn't done an Indy/Rocketeer crossover (or have they and I just missed it?).

I kept finding myself humming John Williams Indiana Jones score as I was drawing this.

Below is the initial sketch I did.


Anonymous said...

it's funny, because i was humming the indiana jones score while anticipating this commission.

and thanks for posting the prelim sketch, too. that's always cool to see!

andy v.

Anton said...

Holy hell thats amazing. I am such a pulp person. Its the combination of two of the best pulp icons.

~ Anton

Shane said...

I gotta agree, this is a team-up just dieing to happen! Great work, it came out so cool!

Caine said...

This is very cool, Its gonna be a desktop one day..nice work.