Friday, October 12, 2007

Intergalactic Planetery

click-it to enlarge-it

Chris Samnee beat me to the punch today by posting this so I thought I'd better hurry up and get it up on my blog.
I really love this piece. Samnee and I were each commissioned to do a drawing in this sketchbook. Chris was to do Galactus on one page and I was to do Silver Surfer on the facing page--an epic duel (Galactus and the Surfer not Samnee and Hurtt). I think the piece turned out great!
So, Chris and I sat at the con tables discussing how to approach the drawing--I said "I think I have and idea of how it should look" and Chris said "I have an idea of how we should do it". So we each grabbed a post-it and started doing our thumbnails. Chris finished his in about 10 seconds and slid it across the table to me. I took one look at it and then slowly, and inconspicuously, slid my paper off the table and into the trash box. Needless to say, the above drawing is completely Chris' layout. The guy knows what he's doing.


Chip said...

fun piece!

Anonymous said...

You guys really rocked this out, it's one of my absolute favorites in my sketchbook!