Friday, October 05, 2007

Hurtt/Samnee Crossover Event

This was a one-off commission that I did with my friend Chris Samnee. I doubt we'll do this sort of thing again (neither of us really likes giving up control of our work) but it was definitely a lot of fun and we're both happy with the way it turned out. For this piece, Chris drew the original breakdowns/roughs and I then did the inks/finishes as well as the grey wash. It was quiet freeing to do the piece--pencils are always the drudgery of doing a piece, it's the inks that are fun and relatively stress free. For that reason I was happy to have Chris pencil this piece-- coupled with the fact that he's just an excellent artist. He makes pencilling seem so effortless. I know he'd say it was otherwise, but I sit next to him at shows a lot and it's always me who's doing all the cursing and erasing.

Inking over someone is always exciting because you get to know their art more intimately and learn a thing or two in the process. I ended up seeing a lot of things in Chris' work that I hadn't before and I have to say that in the subsequent days I noticed myself picking up some of gestures and techniques in my own work.

To see the original pencils for this piece go check out Chris Samnee's Oct 5 post.


Anonymous said...

That came out great! I love it!

Doctor Fantastic said...

I love it too!