Monday, January 29, 2007

Starman and The Shade

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I remember really liking the Starman series when it was first coming out. I probably stuck with the book up until about issue 30 before dropping off. Can't quite remember why I stopped reading but doing this commish made we want to borrow my friend's trades and reread them.
This drawing was fun to do but I have to admit the building were kind of a pain in the ass. Of course, building are always a little bit of a pain--doesn't stop me from drawing them though. Originally the shot was a bird's eye view which gave a better idea of how high up these two are and added more drama and dynamism. Unfortunately, I just couldn't reconcile that with the two figures for some reason--one of the two was always getting the short end in that you couldn't get a very clear view of their face or their body position was awkward. Not an unresolvable problem--I just wasn't able to "bring it" that day. Fortunately, I was very happy with this second attempt--as I hope the recipient of this drawing was.


Anonymous said...

i'm very happy with the commission brian! and although the buildings were a pain in the @$$, they turned out fantastic! i couldn't believe the level of detail when i saw them. you made the city appear to be one of the main characters in the piece, much like in the book. again, thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

I love the amount of detail in this commission, from the light coming off the rod to the city in the background to the shadow guys coming from the Shade. Awesome work, as always.


P.S. Spy Stud Crocker rules

vacuumboy9 said...

I LOVE Starman, and you really did the characters justice here, sir! Great job!