Monday, January 22, 2007

Batguy and Thorman

Here are two recent commissions that I did. It's always challenging, and a lot of fun, to do the Batman. I've probably never drawn him quite the same way twice but I do have a couple rules I try to stick to: 1) Try to keep the Dark Knight dark. Put as much of him in shadow as possible. 2) Small bat-ears.

I was excited to try and draw Thor as well. For some reason I've always had a lot of difficulty with drawing this guy and I've never progressed beyond the sketch phase. I think it's his goofy helmet. I have a lot affection for the God of Thunder as it was one of the very first comics I started following as a kid. It was of course the Walt Simonson run on the book. He may very well be one of the first creators that I was aware of. I love that run on the book and was especially fond of the Asgardian/mythological elements. I would love to get around to doing something in the mythological/fantasy vein some day. I think I got it in me. But, I the end I was pretty happy with how this drawing turned out.

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