Thursday, October 04, 2012

Big DAMNED Commission!

click above image to enlarge!
Maybe my favorite commission I've ever done.  I can't believe I never posted this--it was done over two years ago! This piece was intended to have a noir movie poster vibe.  It's a larger piece than I normally do as it is on 18"x24" Bristol.  As with all my commissions it is all done by hand, including the red (I believe it was a water acrylic that was used).  Also, if memory serves, I did the line art on the background buildings in pen (either Microns or PITT) and all the foreground elements are brush and Sumi ink.  Tones, as always, are ink wash.
Below is the initial sketch, the rough pencils, rough pencils with logo blocked out and rough pencils with tones.


A.C.E. Information Systems said...

This is amazing.

logan said...

So good! The Damned is still my favorite comic book universe ever. Love the 6th gun stuff, but in my heart i still long to catch up with Eddie and the rest.