Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pick Your Poison Ivy

This may actually be the first time that I have scanned the line art from a commission before doing the tones (my Indiana Jones/Rocketeer piece withstanding--that was a whole other level of commission). I think this piece is a good illustration of what the tones bring to the drawing. The inked image above, I believe, would stand on it's own as a commission. But I love working with the ink wash/grey tones and I think the bottom piece is richer for it. Just my opinion. That's not to say that adding tones or colors improves any image. There are many pieces that would be ruined by adding tone or color. But, in the case of these commissions, I absolutely draw them with the intention of being toned.
Hope you like!


Esteban Pedreros said...

Umm, sorry Brian, I don't mean to be an @ss, but I think that this particular drawing looks odd... I don't know but the "derrier" looks awkward in relation with the rest of her body.
At least to me.

Anonymous said...

Amazing background construction--"artistry" and detail is superb, particularly when viewed in the toned version. The Commission client is fortunate to have this drawing.

Brian said...

The tones add real depth and life to the piece.

thedustud said...

@Esteban Pedreros The reason why it looks so odd is that it's an awkward pose for her. Most women don't bend like this (or if they do, it doesn't feel to great). Frankly, seeing both boobs/butt isn't really a nature way of standing. It happens a lot in comics though.

Having said that, the tones really do add a lot to this piece. It really helps to pop Ivy from the background. Awesome inkwash!