Thursday, March 18, 2010

Emerald City Con Sketches

I was very happy, and a little surprised, that someone commissioned me to do a drawing of a character from a book that hasn't even come out yet. Very encouraging! This is Becky from the upcoming THE SIXTH GUN!
As always, Emerald City Comic Con was a great show. It's one of those rare shows nowadays that seems to be about all about the comics. The staff is great and the fans are fantastic! This was my third year and I plan to return again next year! It's kind of like a Northeastern HeroesCon (maybe my favorite show).


Jamie S. Rich said...

This actually happened...

Girl at Emerald City approaches us on Sunday with copies of You Have Killed Me, The Damned and Union Station under her arm. Clearly a woman of refined taste, her book is signed enthusiastically by Joƫlle and I. She mentions how much she loves these books and singles out The Damned. We tell her she should go find Brian Hurtt, he's a cool dude.

"Oh, I did. I was even over there yesterday," she says.

"That's funny. He was just here complaining how no one is talking t him."

We laughed, and all agreed, "Man, what a jerk!" It was like the last scene in an episode of Thundercats. :)

brian hurtt said...

I'll allow that analogy but only if you're "Snarf".
I know exactly who you're talking about. She just got into comics about a year ago--I asked her what she was reading so I could then give her some recommendations. Turns out she was already into the books I might have turned her onto. She was really sweet and kind of nervous at meeting someone whose book she'd read and liked(me!silly, right?).
It was crazy and flattering and made my whole show.

Brian said...

Thanks again, Brian, I love the sketch.

On my side of the table, I felt a little funny asking for a character whose name I did not yet know, but I was taken with Becky from the preview art here on your site and the Free Comic Book Day poster.

Based on both the short story you guys put on line and all the preview art I've seen, I think the book is going to be a great read and it is one of the few books that has me excited about comics these days.

Francesco Francavilla said...

MAN! We were at the same show and we didn't get chance to say hi and shake hands?! Feel very sad now :(

On a happier note, beutiful sketch and gorgeous work all around on the 6th gun: can't wait! :)


brian hurtt said...

Thanks for the kind words, Brian! Cullen and I will do our best not to disappoint.

Francesco--I heard you were at the show but I never saw your set-up (granted, I really didn't get out from my table). Will you be at C2E2 in a few weeks? I'm doing that and then Heroes in June. We'll have to be sure to seek each other out!

Brian said...

Francesco will be at Heroes according to the guest list and that is a three day show, so there will be a little extra time to search each other out.