Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sand By Me


I love the classic Spider-Man rogues gallery so it was a lot of fun to do this drawing of old web-head going up against Sandman. The biggest challenge was the all grey wash background--it took forever to build up!


Andy said...

this turned out great, brian! i've loved the previous spidey commissions you've worked on, and this one is no exception!

Dan C said...

Great post title... also, that grey wash background might have taken a long time to set up, but it looks great. So does the rest of the drawing... which makes me scratch my head and wonder why Marvel hasn't tapped you for a Spider-Man book yet(or have they?).

Really nice job.

Brian said...

I cannot decide which I like more, the art or the puny title.

Great job on both counts.

Anonymous said...

Need more Spidey sketchs. Only found two going back to December 2005 (Jun 06; Apr 07). Amen to your spider-man drawings being really good...but we need more of them. Thanks in advance.

Pat Bollin said...

This is incredible. You're really pushing this technique to a higher level. Thanks for sharing. I'm constantly inspired by your work, man.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty!