Wednesday, December 23, 2009

O Brother, Weird Art Thou?

Brother Voodoo--Marvel 70's horror meets 70's Blackploitation! It's a magical mix!
I was telling some friends recently that I would love to do a Marvel comic that takes place in 1970's New York and has a French Connection vibe. I'd put Brother Voodoo in it as well as Power Man, Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, Tony Stark (as if played by Burt Reynolds) and of course a cameo by Dazzler. Marvel should run with this--it'd be like printing money.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Shane said...

"Marvel should run with this--it'd be like printing money."

Dude, you are a mess!

Brother Voodoo has never looked better, though!

Merry Christmas!

Filippo said...

Lol! If I were rich I'd finance that myself. Seriously though: I'd love to see a run of some minor classic Marvel or DC charachter done by you.

Brian said...

and you could call it,

"Voodoo Comes To Harlem." ;-)

Seriously, though, It could be a lot of fun with the right writer.

Jason Quinones said...