Monday, January 19, 2009

Some Damned Praise!

Many, many thanks to the fine folks over at The Quarter Bin! They've just released their list of "Comics of the Year--2008" and saw fit to name The Damned: Prodigal Sons one of their "Best Mini-Series". Pop on over to check out the rest of the list.
Here's what they had to say about The Damned:

"I loved the first
Damned mini, and when this sequel came out, it not only lived up to the original, but surpassed it. Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt expanded on the mythos of their demon-infested 1940s in a way that not only made me want to see more of this world outside of Eddie, his brother, and the mobster monsters of his city, but had me hanging on the edge of my seat at the end of each issue. I was first introduced to Brian Hurtt during his stint on Queen and Country, and while the guy was good then, his work on this series establishes him as one of the best independent artists working today. His crisp black and white art creates an atmosphere that invokes some of the great noir detective/mystery flicks, and his work is totally worth the wait between series. Cullen Bunn’s scripting is sharp, smart, and would translate well to any medium. I’m just thankful we’ve got him in comics. You’d be a fool to not track this book, or the original mini-series, down at your LCS if you missed out on it."


Unknown said...

Congrats! You're a rock star!


Anonymous said...

I'm really happy and pleased to be the first--here--to say, "Way to go Brian and Cullen!" Keep up the good work!. HH

Dan C said...

Congratulations Brian! Those guys at The Quarter Bin know what they're talking about... I couldn't agree more.

Looking forward to reading the last issue.


Shawn Crystal said...

deserved praise!

Mathieu Doublet said...

Congratulations ! You really deserve it. I can't wait for the third mini-series.

Thanks for your work !

Anonymous said...

I know you're working on The 6th Gun now, but are we going to see any more Damned in the future? Really enjoyed the two limited series and would love to see more!
Best wishes,