Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Damned New Year!

This is how folks used to ring in the New Year back during Prohibition.
Hope your New Year's was a little less violent but just as fun.

Here's to 2009, folks!


Anton said...

I love it!!! I keep seeing them go up, and wonder "is that one mine."

Anonymous said...

Happy new year, to you too, Mr Hurtt ! I wish you a lot of success and happiness in your work. And thanks for this drawing.

Dan Z. said...

Man, this turned out great. Love those glowing poolhall lamps.

Dan C said...

I know it's kind of late to be leaving a comment here, but I thought I'd take a sec to let you know how cool I think your Damned stories are. I'd already read (and enjoyed) the "Three Days Dead" storyline awhile ago, and I just finished reading the first two issues in the "Prodigal Sons" arc last night and thought they were great as well. Great pacing, character design, use of black & shadows, perspective, linework... nice job all around, Brian. Can't wait to read the last issue!

Oh, and this picture rocks, by the way.