Sunday, March 02, 2008

Kooky Bayou

Been busy, busy, busy. I had meant to post these images for a couple weeks now but I've only just now found the time. I really like both of these, although I will admit that the Madman piece gave me a headache. I just couldn't figure out the right composition for the piece. I ended up drawing the thing in it's entirety three times before settling on this one. The other two would have been fine drawings but I'm glad I pushed through the mental block because this one really captures best what I was going for. The Swamp Thing was just a blast to do. I love drawing "monsters"!
Plus, he's 100% organic so he's good for you.


Craig Zablo said...

Two more winnahs!

Matt Kindt said...

Neat -- the Madman turned out great -- love that background! Usually I think you're crazy when you re-draw a perfectly good drawing but in this case it ended up being even better then before!

Anonymous said...

Brian- great stuff man! Good to run into you today. I'll look you up for lunch in a couple months.


Alan said...

Found this blog via Chris samnee's. The archive has some wonderful stuff. Please keep posting!; you've been dormant for a while. I know it must be hard to fit it into a busy schedule.