Wednesday, August 29, 2007

U.S. of Kickin' A.

I picked up the first trade in the Brubaker run on Captain America on a whim a couple weeks back. The next day I was back at the store buying the rest of the series. This book is a blast! And as good as all the artists are the whole thing really clicks when Steve Epting is doing the art chores. The guy is fantastic. I'm not completely caught up on this series as I've only read the trades. I can't wait until they collect the Death of Captain America.
I liked this book so much that I also picked up Brubaker's Sleeper (also really good) and I plan on picking up his work on Daredevil.


Anonymous said...

I've never followed the Cap series until Bru started writing. Got the first trade based on the reviews and it blew me away that he could break one of the most fundamental rules of comics (Bucky stays dead!) and yet have it kick so much ass. I'd love to see Steve stay dead (at least for a while) and have Bucky take over the mantle, it's an updating of the original "man out of his own time" concept from when Stan & Jack thawed out Rogers. For my money though, the best art in the series has been Lark's WW2 flashbacks.

Sleeper remains one of the best comics I've ever read. Daredevil is also extremely good.

PS - that sketch is fantastic!

Ghost Image said...

You did a fantastic job on the Winter Soldier!! Of course fantastic is your norm.