Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Ol' Wraparound

I had the bright idea that I wanted to redo the cover for the upcoming The Damned trade paperback. The plan was to use the cover from issue one for the trade cover but I did have some minor quibbles. The "major" minor quibble was that the original cover was too still--it didn't get across any sense of action or kineticism (did I make a word up?). My solution was to make Eddie larger and coming at the reader/viewer. So far so good. But why stop there?Why not do a wraparound cover? I've always wanted to do a wraparound but have never had the opportunity. That gave me a whole new dilemma: How do I take an image that was designed to work as a vertical cover and make it work as one half of a larger horizontal cover? How indeed? After much trial and error I came up with the image below. Drawn in pen on two pieces of 81/2" x 11" copy paper. Image size--approximately 13" x 9".

Once the fun part was done it was on to the drudgery of enlarging and lightboxing the image. I drew it lightly with a harder lead (2H I believe) so I apologize for the miserable scan. Perhaps if you click on it to enlarge it will be easier to view. Perhaps.
That done, it was on to inking. That's funner part...yes, funner (get off my back, I know the proper grammar is funnerist).
This is where the piece really comes together for me.

And finally, the colors. Oh, the colors. This was the most difficult part...but only because I had no idea what I was doing. I knew all along that I was going to keep the original color scheme from the issue one cover. Only, I was also aware that I never would have used those colors had I originally intended to make a full-blown wraparound cover. It's too difficult, in my mind, to carry that color scheme through a large "montage-y" piece. But I tried. I'm fairly happy with the final product and I'm completely jazzed about attempting another wraparound--this time working from the ground up.


Anonymous said...

The sea foamy green is an awesome choice. Everything else should probably be started from scratch. Just kidding. Scratch the green too.

Esteban Pedreros said...

I liked the inked version over the colored one, but it's a great image.

Ah!... I was one of the guys who bought Hardtime :D

One question: I've looked at the image (I haven't read the comic) and at first I thought that the big circle at the left was the moon, but it doesn't make sense that the Mon could have the shadow of a Tree over it, so I'm kind of curious about what it is.

brian hurtt said...

esteban- the big cirle is just a design element, or a frame, through which we're viewing an otherworldy scene (the otherworldy makes sense int the context of the story). That said, I was also aware that it also appears moonlike--and that's fine with me. When the book jacket is designed that area will most likely be filled with text (series synopsis and whatnot).
I'm glad you liked the inked version.
I'm sorry you didn't care for the colored one, though. For me, it was the best solution I could come up with without changing the red and green from the original issue one.
You should definitely pick up the trade when it comes out, Esteban. It should be in stores by the end of next month.

Dan Wilson said...

Very nice... you're making good, daring decisions, which can set you apart.

Julius Deane said...

Very nice, Brian. Makes me wish I'd waited for the trade (jk). Have you thought about doing some posters?

Unknown said...

Nice work!

Now, if only the artwork in The Damned measured up to the level of the writing...

JK ;-)

Loved the comic series, and yes I have pre-ordered the trade, too.

-Curtis Hoffmeister

brian hurtt said...

Dan--thanks for the kind words. I'm obviously still trying to find my voice, especially when it comes to colors. I do intentionally try to make unconventional choices. Sometimes they work, sometimes they fail, but I always learn something. I'm having a blast.
Jarrett--I'm definitely thinking about making some prints to sell at upcoming shows, but like a lot of things I'll probably get too busy or procrastinate too long. If I do get around to it I'll post about it on this blog.
Curt--I'm so glad to hear that you're getting the trade as well. Does that mean you can lend the floppies to freinds and get them hooked as well? :) Keep an eye out, I believe the follow-up series is due out in October.