Wednesday, July 05, 2006

DAMNED pages

Here are the first three pages of my upcoming comic The Damned. I plan on posting more pages in the future, I just need to figure out whether I want to post consecutive pages or just a random sampling. These three pages have been around for a long time. Along with the following 5 or 6 pages they were originally drawn on copy paper with roller ball and Micron pens. I was going for a quicker, more immediate style. It looked fine but when I decided to use a brush on a later page I realized how inadequate the previous pages looked. So, I went back and redid them in brush. That went fine for a while until I realized I had the wrong ratio for the pages (it's a long complicated math story that involves the change in format from digest size to floppy size) . So, I went back again and redid them, this time making the pages a little more narrow and a bit taller.
Truth is, this third page has been drawn and inked at least five times. Because, I had been working on this book in fits and starts over the last year my style had changed slightly as had the design of this guy, Eddie, our main character. I keep assuring my partner on this book, Cullen Bunn, that I will not be this neurotic come the second issue (if I want to watch his blood pressure spike I tell him that I'm thinking of redoing this or that page). He's much more at ease now that the art for the first ish is complete (40 pages!). All that's left is the lettering.
Stay tuned--I'll have more pages up in the next week!


laura said...

The Damned clearly kicks ass and I can't wait to see the finished issue! You and Cullen did an awesome job.

Hart1000 said...

Looking GOOD Brian! I really like the panel with the car...great use of spotting black.

Chip said...

Been waiting for this one for awhile...looks awesome.