Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I just recently finished the novel Zorro, by Isabel Allende. I picked it up based on a couple recommendations and found I couldn't put it down. The geek in me finds an easy comparison to Batman Begins. The novel focuses on Zorro's early years and does a great job of creating a real, living, breathing person out of this larger than life character. Young Diego (Zorro) crosses paths with Native Americans, gypsies, pirates, a secret society--all who, in one way or another, help to shape the man we come to know as Zorro. This is a really fun novel and I'd love to hear if anyone else has had the chance to read it. I believe it just recently came out in paperback. If you've ever liked the character of Zorro, or if you just want a great summer read, I highly recommend this book.

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Dan Wilson said...

SWEET. That highlight down the right arm... the hint of an outline by the wrist... good job.