Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Friendly Neighborhood Peeping Tom

Another in my series of pre-convention sketches! This was a really fun sketch to do. Spidey is always a great character to draw even though all that webbing on his costume can be a pain. If I ever get around to it I'd like to take a shot at coloring this sketch. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I'm liking this concept of doing surplus sketches before heading to a convention. I bet that makes for a less stressful con experience. ;)

These look tight, my friend. Color on this would be sweet.

One question. I could've sworn I saw your name on a list of attendees for the MoCCA festival last weekend, but did see you at the show! What up wit dat?

Mike Norton said...

oh snap...

Dan Wilson said...

That's a nice Spidey.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Brian. Hope you don't mind: I nabbed that jpg and gave it a quick lick of paint.

I chose a straightforward daytime colour scheme to as to emphasise the coolness (as in temperature) of the shadow. The city looks sort of European, so I gave it a sandstone texture.

The pic might also look good if the palette was modelled on the bizarre colour scheme of the 1960's cartoon - all dark purples and blues.

Huh. Am I imagining a bit of Joe Kubert in that sketch? Joe drew Spidey for an army magazine about four years ago, and...ah, I'm probably talking out of my hat.

Cheers for the distraction, Brian. Hope I haven't murdered your art.