Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Long Time No See

This above image is for a t-shirt that will promote my friend, and The Damned collaborator, Cullen Bunn's upcoming novel Blood Feud. This image will be adapted slightly and used as the final cover for the book. Cullen originally wrote this as a short story (which I read and loved) and has now adapted it to a novel (which I have not yet read). It's basically a sort of small town, backwoods, Hatfields and McCoys story--with vampires, and, as indicated by the above image, lots and lots of creepy tarantulas. I'm sure my description does it no justice (sorry Cullen) you'll just have to check it out for yourselves. I'll be sure to pimp the book more after I've done the final cover and the book is released.


Zack said...

Very cool!

Hey, thought the art on HARD TIME #6 was some of your best work yet. The crowd scenes were just crazy.

Edward Kinsella III said...

Hey Brian, My name is Edward Kinsella, (TEd). I was just in an art show with Nathan Poetzcher tonight at UMSL. I just graduated from RIngling School and have moved back to STL. I would love to get together with the STL drawing club sometime if thats cool. Check out my blog-, and a group blog i am on, -peace

Anonymous said...

Yikes~ I hate spiders!!