Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hey Look!!! I Have a Digital Camera! Who Knew?

(has anyone seen my drafting brush?)

You fine few are Charlie (or Veruca) to my Willy Wonka and you've just received a Golden Ticket! This is where all the magic happens! That's right you nosy little blog-rats--I give you...My Office!!! I wanted to keep it real so I made a point of not cleaning up (I often make a point of not cleaning up, for the sake of authenticity). You can see I have a fondness for piles. Coffee cups on top of paper on top of my 005 Micron Pen---there it is! I have a tendency to sit at my desk for hours without taking a break and still manage to lose things. How is that possible?! I'm constantly misplacing my drafting brush, my 18" ruler, my eraser (the damn thing bounces when you drop it), and whichever mark-making tool I happen to be using at the moment.
Fun fact: Notice the space heater below the drafting table--I live in a drafty old apartment and I've apparently picked the coldest corner of it to work in. It's also not uncommon to see my working during the winter with a shawl on my lap. I kid you not.
...and here's the super-science computer lab. It's the land of pretty Photoshop colors, ignored emails, and streaming National Public Radio audio files. It's also the same place I uncovered my long-forgotten digital camera. And, for some reason, a guy who lives alone has three chairs in his office. Notice that even the chairs serve as a flat surface for my piles of paper.
Fun fact: The extra long wire on my headphones is exactly the right distance from the computer to my ears while sitting at the drawing table. Also, because I am so conscientious, I'll plug them in any time after 10 or 10:30 so as not to disturb the neighbors. Don't want to keep them awake with the drone of my audiobooks!

Click on the last image for the panorama view.

This post brought to you by a lack of drawings to put up.

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Anonymous said...

Thank god digital camera's have not advanced to the point of capturing smells and odors!

Nice set up. I live in a one bedroom apt with a wife and 2 cats. You can imagine my workspace!