Friday, March 03, 2006

Halfway to Valhalla

Another sketch from Comic Night. The theme tonight was obviously "vikings". I suggested vikings because I'm on a real viking high from the novel I'm currently reading, Bernard Cornwell's The Last Kingdom. I'm not usually one for historical fiction but I picked this book up on a whim recently and I've really been digging it.
The other guys will be posting their vikings in the next day or so, so be sure to go check them out here.


Michael Cho said...

Sweeet....I really dig how you did textures with the tones.

That dude looks bad-ass.

j. said...

What Cho said! Yeah, I like it lots. You, sir, are a super talent!

Also, had to laugh at your office space. I'm not as messy as you but I do like to stack things up. And I can sometimes be caught wearing a blanket on my lap when it's especially right now. I would never, however, wear a shawl. That's for sissies.


Anonymous said...

That is quite the viking! The shield is sooo bumpy!

How long did it take you?

brian hurtt said...

How long did it take you?

It probably took me 20 minutes--which, by the way, is pretty damn fast for me.

Cho & J--thanks for the kind words. Except for that bit about me being a sissy, J. After crying on my mom's shoulder I vowed to slap-fight you next time we crossed paths. And hair-pulling is allowed!

Anonymous said...

Nice, but Vikings aren't pirates....