Monday, January 07, 2013

The Brood. (or, El Brooderino, if, You Know, You're Not Into the Whole Brevity Thing)

click the pic to big it
Here is another ink wash piece from my most recent batch of commissions! 
Being an old school X-Men fan, I had a blast drawing the Brood!  So much better than a gaggle of ninja.  This is also one of the rare occasions were I like a contemporary costume--in this case Rogue--though I will always be particular to her original green costume with the clean lines and hoodie (variations of the new costume pay tribute to the classic look).
Anyway, as always with large pieces, I first do a small pencil drawing which I then blow up and lightbox.


Anonymous said...

Awesome work Brian! Thanks for sharing the process pieces as well. Still lovin' the Sixth Gun! - keep up the great work.

Pat Bollin said...

Heh, I was just talking about the "Brood" with a friend the other day. Excellent work, sir.